Portrait Gallery

Grevemberg House is proud to showcase its collection of  period portraits of prominent local citizens; many thanks to our generous benefactors who have made this collection possible.

gift of Rowland E. Caldwell, Jr.


Born in 1833, Anne was the daughter of the wealthy planter Winthrop Sargent Harding and his wife Frances Elizabeth Conrad.  In 1855, she married her first cousin, William Taylor Palfrey, Jr., and was a widow by 1860.  Her only son, Winthrop Harding Palfrey, was blind, and gave his mother’s portrait to his reader and friend, James Eaton Stansbury, the great-uncle of the donor.  This portrait was probably painted in 1856 while Anne was in mourning for her father, and is attributed to artist William Henry Baker, a New York native who worked in New Orleans in the mid-19th century.  Gift of Rowland E. Caldwell, Jr.









(1783 – 1849)  This important early planter was born on Bayou Nezpique in the Opelousas county (present day Evangeline Parish), Louisiana, and came to St. Mary Parish as a young boy around 1798.  In 1812, he married Phoebe Armstrong, and they became the parents of eight surviving children; their plantation was on Bayou Sale.  His obituary in The Planter’s Banner reads in part:  ” His character, feelings, thoughts, affections and deportment were those of a genuine Creole — a better specimen of a noble Creole never trod upon the soil of St. Mary, and never will”.  Unknown artist, circa 1840.  Gift of Mr. & Mrs. Torger S. Brown, Sr.










(1789 – 1846)  Phoebe was the daughter of John Armstrong of Ireland and Margaret McCormick of Scotland.  Her 1812 marriage to John Joshua Garrett began a two-hundred year legacy in St. Mary Parish.  The Garrett-Berwick family cemetery survives on Bayou Sale, site of her family’s numerous plantations.  Attesting to the artist’s lack of formal training, her features show a remarkable similarity to those of her husband, and while intended to be hung together, they are not a true pendant pair in that the sitters both face the same direction; these charming naive portraits were probably painted circa 1840 by an itinerant artist.  Gift of Mr. & Mrs. Torger S. Brown, Sr.









(1802 – 1886)  Daughter of Dr. Walter Brashear

After the death of her first husband, Daniel W. Brown, Lucy became the second wife of the widower John Barrett Murphy, by whom she had four children.  Gift of Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Frere Kramer










(1826 – 1854)  Anthony Wayne Baker was born at Fairfax Plantation and was the son of Frances Assherton and  Joshua Baker, who served as Louisiana’s military governor for two months before being arrested and charged with perjury.  After graduating from Yale in 1847, Anthony Wayne Baker studied law in New Orleans and was elected to the State Legislature of Louisiana in 1852.  The thoroughly Anglo Anthony married a French Creole girl, Emma Marie Louise Fuselier in 1851, and fathered two children before his untimely death from yellow fever in 1854.  His portrait was painted by French emigre’ artist Etienne Constant Carlin in 1852.  Loan of Davida W. McMahon